Song of the dark forest - The Netherlands

Song of the dark forest - The Netherlands

Song of the dark forest is a moving, compelling and comforting performance, performed by the full Scapino group of dancers, an opera singer and live music by the DoelenEnsemble. The tragic song of war is sung. An unknown soldier, hovering between life and death, longs to return to his loved ones but is also haunted by memories of the battlefield. With poignant songs and dance by four choreographers, this timeless story comes to life. The title of the final work Prayer for Peace is a true motto for the entire performance. 


Dmitri Sjostakovitsj, Pjotr Tsjaikovski, Modest Moessorgski, Sergej Rachmaninov, Sergei Akhunov

Musical arrangements
Henk de Vlieger

Concept and direction
Serge van Veggel (OPERA2DAY)

Roberto Doveri, Diego Sinniger de Salas, Miller de Nobili

Musical direction
Maarten van Veen, Arie van Beek



Soldier     Andrii Ganchuk / Wiebe Pier Cnossen


Scapino Ballet Rotterdam



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