José Cortés Stage Director

José Cortés
US American/German stage director was awarded a scholarship by the prestigious Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. He completed his opera stage direction studies at the Hans Eisler Music School in Berlin.

José Cortés, a visionary Puerto Rican opera director, has carved a unique path in the opera world. After earning a degree in Spanish Literature and exploring various art forms, his passion for opera led him to study directing at the Hans Eisler Hochschule in Berlin.

Cortés made history in   2021 by becoming the first black director to debut at the prestigious Bayreuth Festival, staging "Festspielnacht am Goldbergsee" with leading singers. He is known for his innovative and creative approach, as seen in his upcoming projects: a rare performance of Mozart's "Betulia Liberata" in Berlin and a filmed version of "The Answering Machine" monologue.

Currently, he's collaborating with composer Constantin Stimmer on a new opera based on Kafka's Diaries, titled "Into the Depths: Kafka's Diaries." Throughout his career, Cortés has directed productions at renowned opera houses, showcasing his talent with operas like "Othello" and "Così fan tutte." He continues to develop his craft, attending seminars by acclaimed directors.

José collaborates with prestigious dramaturgs and desigenrs including Yvonne Gebauer and Manuel Lacasta who will be in his creative teams of the new production of Tosca at a leading oepra house in Germany in the season 2024-25.

This revision focuses on Cortés' directing career, highlights his historical achievement, and provides a glimpse into his upcoming projects. It also keeps the text concise and engaging.

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