Krystian Lada at Kurt Weill Festival 2020

Confounding audience expectations and quickly shifting between various song styles with a pinch of the avant-garde and a highly topical theme – these elements fit perfectly with the Kurt Weill Festival. “Unknown, I live with You” is based on texts by Afghan women poets created as part of the “Afghan Women’s Writing Project”. This initiative enables women forced into silence by a repressive system to express themselves in writing. “Unknown, I live with You” not only gives voice to the individual stories of Afghan women, but also underlines their universal significance: It is the story of marginalized voices striving to overcome patriarchal forces.


The multi award-winning composer Katarzyna Głowicka explores the boundaries between opera singing and the dramatic potential of live electronic music. And giving the unheard a voice – that’s one aim of the Belgian artists’ cooperative The Airport Society. The prize-winning director Krystian Lada has created an immersive operatic installation to Głowicka’s music, bringing you in close contact to the stories…and never letting go.

Katarzyna Głowicka Composition

Krystian Lada Director and Conception

Natalia Kitamikado Costumes and Stage Design

Maarten Warmerdam Light Design

Pim Dinghs Video Design

Pedro Beriso Musical Direction


Sara Jo Benoot

Raehann Bryce-Davis

Małgorzata Walewska

Gala Moodie et al.

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